Baby Gift Registry

Baby Gift Registry

How to create a great baby shower gift registry

A new baby needs many things, and a first-rate registry will be sure to include all of the essentials plus a few helpful mom-approved extras to make your life easier. The baby shower is a big event, and like any party, it will require some planning. While the mom-to-be may not be hosting the party or baking the baby shower cake, she is responsible for compiling an affordable, accessible and comprehensive registry that will anticipate the routine that comes with a new baby. Start making your list early while you sift through your baby books and speak with other moms about what you should include on your registry.

Baby Shower Gift Registry Checklist

There are so many baby items out there that it can be difficult to know where to draw the line between needs and wants. Keep in mind that you don't need everything right now, and you should limit the amount and size of items that you put on your baby gift registry according to the size of your space. If your lack of closets and tiny nursery only allows for basic furniture items with a few square feet to spare, be sure that you register for compact, easily stored products that you can easily incorporate into your baby's space.

When it comes to specific gift requests, keep in mind some important facts about newborns. First, the only colors that they will be able to distinguish are black, white and red, so you may want to choose toys, mobiles and patterns that feature those hues to stimulate brain development. As for the basics that are geared to mom's duties, make your choice with suggestions from friends and co-workers who have been through the baby registry ordeal. Cribs, changing tables and strollers may require more of your own research and will rest on personal style preferences, but it can be a heck of a lot easier to choose everything from receiving blankets to diapers and soothers with the help of a few honest reviews.

Start Your Baby Gift Registry Online

When it comes to choosing a place to register, go for an accessible store with an easy shopping system. A Walmart baby gift registry is a good option, as your baby shower guests can undoubtedly find one close by and the company offers an online listing and purchasing option that is updated easily. Another nice feature is their Thank You Tracker, which allows you to review the gifts you've received and make a few notes about each gift, which will come in handy when you get around to writing your thank you notes.

A Target baby gift registry is another option, and it features many of same conveniences that you'll find in the Walmart registry. You can print a newborn checklist to get started and then log in to check the status of gifts received and add or delete items as necessary. Whichever retailer you choose, review their online service; these days, the option for hassle-free online shopping is always appreciated, and you can save a lot of time and stress by accessing all the info you need with the click of your mouse.