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5,000 Children Fall Out of Windows Each Year

Posted by tina

baby_window_safetyMany will be surprised to read that open windows are responsible for the serious injury or death of thousands of children each year -- 5,000 infants, toddlers and teenagers across America, to be exact. A recent study conducted at Nationwide's Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio reveals some shocking truths about the dangers of open windows in homes and apartments, especially for kids under five years old.

Although it's long been known that open windows pose a danger for small children, the sheer numbers of toddlers that continue to fall out of open windows each year is staggering. After all, this is an injury that is undoubtedly preventable, and there have been campaigns to communicate the danger to the public, as well as reforms in landlord laws that require window guards to be installed in apartments with young children. The measures to take are clear, and experts have been urging the public to adopt them for decades.

But despite the best efforts of the pediatric community, people don't seem to be as concerned about falls as as they should be. In fact, a whopping 93% of falls occur from lower stories, which indicates that many parents may not understand how even a relatively short distance to the ground can result in life-threatening injury to a young body. Experts agree that the first steps parents can take are simple ones, like moving furniture away from windows and planting shrubs and grass underneath windows to cushion a fall if an accident does happen.

This study uncovers a harsh reality, but hopefully parents can use the results to the benefit of their children. With all of the dangers in the world, it makes sense to concentrate first on those that you can easily control, like household safety. You can read more about the study here.

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