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A Trip to the Park and Other Milestones

Posted by Alissa Robson

Sure there’s sitting up, rolling over, getting teeth, etc., but what about other milestones that aren’t in the parenting books? MJ and I had a couple of those just the other day.

It started with some beautiful spring sunshine that had me itching to get outside. And now that we’d finally gotten a break from winter winds and snow squalls, it occurred to me that Mary-Jane was probably ready to skip the infant car seat and sit up in her stroller.

Great news! I couldn’t wait to ditch that thing for every walk, but with its cozy sleeping bag and the ability to shelter her in a pod between the stroller hood and the car seat hood, winter didn’t seem like the best time to switch over.

Besides that, I was a little anxious. Not so much with how she would deal with not being able to face me – she’s a pretty easygoing baby and has adapted to just about everything we’ve thrown at her. I was more worried about how I would handle not being able to see her. How would I know if she was okay, if her hat went over her eyes, if she was uncomfortable without stopping the stroller to check on her every 10 seconds?

Well, fortunately, our stroller has a handy flap in the hood that lets me at least see the top of her head, and it’s amazing how reassuring that was. Our walk went smoothly and MJ loved the freedom of sitting all the way up and having her feet free to move around.

Our walk led us to the park, where we had another informal milestone. Spring temperatures mean greater opportunity to just hang out outside, and I thought maybe, just maybe, MJ was ready to try out one of those baby swings.

She’d never had a swing as a baby, so I thought the new experience would be either a) exciting or b) traumatizing. Fortunately again, our little trooper took to it like a champ and had a blast – until she slumped forward a little and couldn’t move her arms. Turns out the swings are just a little too big still, but with a little padding, all was well again (Mom Tip: Always carry a baby blanket. They’re handy for way more than just keeping babies warm).

We had a great time at the park, and hopefully it’s just the first in many trips where Mary-Jane gets to explore the world and try lots of new and fun things. It’s a bit hard to believe she’s big enough to sit up in a swing all by herself, but seeing her smile and giggle as she drifted back and forth made it bitter-sweet.

Parents out there, what other baby milestones did you invent for yourself and your little one? We’d love to hear your stories in the SureBaby comments.

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