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Am I Pregnant? Five Tell-Tale Signs You May Be Pregnant

Posted by Tiffany

When it comes to pregnancy, women have an innate sense that they are carrying even before the stick turns blue. Along with a missing period cycle there are physical changes that may be occurring in your body.

Here are the five signs that you may be pregnant:

1.       Nauseous? Its winter time – so the stomach flu is probably running rampant where you live – but nausea from pregnancy is a tad bit different. First of all, take note of when you’re experiencing the symptoms. Have you eaten yet? Is it in the morning? These might be a dead giveaway that you are experiencing nausea and not the flu. How do you know if you’re nauseous? It’s a bit like feeling seasick - a good test is to think of your favorite food – the taste, the smell, the texture. If you feel like you just woke up the day after Margarita Night – then Nausea it is!

2.       Uncontrollable Bladder? We all know how many times we hit the ‘loo in an average day but the feeling to urinate is almost constant – you may be pregnant.

Why the overwhelming sense to pee?

Three Reasons – First of all, when you’re pregnant the amount of blood in your body increases, this means, fluids race through your body and get processed twice as fast. Secondly, when you sleep, the fluid that might have been retained in your legs and feet will make its way back in your bloodstream and through your bladder. And lastly, since your uterus is growing – it will put more pressure on your bladder causing you to want to urinate more frequently.

3. Can you out Sniff a Drug Dog? When you’re pregnant – your sense of smell can sometimes be out of control. Your pheromones, olfactory receptors and hormones are in a chaotic frenzy – which makes you more sensitive to the smells around you. Why? It is considered a survival mechanism – this increased sense of smell allows you to spot out danger or spoiled food which is keeping your baby safe. In the “cave-man” days this was very useful – but they had a lot less smells to worry about – now with the million smells lurking around the corner you might feel cursed. Don’t worry though – it will pass!

4. Tired? This is tough to assess, I admit. We are always trying to fit 28 hours worth of tasks in a 24 hour day which leaves us very tired, however, “pregnancy tired” is a bit different. If you feel like you’ve just overdosed on night time cold medicine (and you haven’t) – and you have some of the above symptoms described – you may be pregnant. Why? You are making a human being inside of you – this takes a massive amount of energy that you aren’t used to burning. Hang in there – it will pass.

5. Free Breast Augmentation? If you’ve ever dreamed of growing a bra size over night then pregnancy may have its perks. Swollen and sore breasts can be an indication that you’re pregnant. This is temporary – so enjoy them while they last.

If you are experiencing two or more symptoms above – please make an appointment with your doctor and ask them for a pregnancy test.  For more information check out our article on signs of pregnancy.  Good Luck!

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