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Are Celebrities Making Pregnant Women Unhealthy?

Posted by Alissa Robson

While pregnancy weight gain has always been something for moms-to-be to keep an eye on, with today’s hottest celebrities giving birth and dropping pregnancy weight at breakneck speeds, is it possible we’re becoming too obsessed with the scale?

Research on women with eating disorders who are able to conceive has shed new light on an issue of growing concern – women who now have unrealistic expectations when it comes to losing weight gained during a pregnancy.

While eating disorders are still quite rare, many healthy women are feeling pressure to gain less during their pregnancies so they can lose the weight faster. With role models (and actual models) such as Miranda Kerr, Beyonce and a host of other actresses who appear to be magically dropping back to their pre-baby sizes within months of giving birth,  the pressure is on for any pregnant woman to get back in shape after baby.

Eating healthy and getting exercise is always recommended during pregnancy, but many moms-to-be are losing track of the importance of actually putting on healthy weight as they carry a baby – benchmarks set as low as 15 lbs of weight gain for some pregnancies are no longer seen as based on an assessment of prior weight, overall health, etc. but are seen as goals for who can gain the least and lose it quickest.

Improper weight gain or stressing the body with extreme exercise can not only harm a mom during pregnancy, they can also be harmful for the baby, causing physical and developmental issues. They can also lead to miscarriage or complications during birth.

At SureBaby, we don’t want to preach, but there’s a reason why women with eating disorders are considered high risk during pregnancy. There’s also a reason why your doctor is encouraging your to eat right and eat more, and most likely telling you not to stress too much about the scale. (We always advise you to talk often with your doctor about your nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy).

Call us old school, but we still believe that pregnancy weight gain is natural and healthy, and that women should use the time to really feel comfortable in their bodies, adapting and even celebrating their changing shape.

And while we all wish we had personal trainers and chefs to help us lose pregnancy weight as quickly as possible like the stars do, good eating habits and taking care of yourself and your baby are just as effective in dropping the pounds – even if it does take a little longer than in Hollywood! Our advice is don't stress about it, and remember that under every red-carpet, form-fitted dress on a new celebrity mom, is likely a very good, but very uncomfortable set of Spanx.

Those are our thoughts, now we want to know yours. Do you feel there’s too much pressure on women to snap back into shape after pregnancy? Are we losing focus on what’s important?

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