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Are Trendy Labor and Delivery Gowns Worth the Money?

Posted by tina

labor and materntiy gownsDesigner labor and delivery gowns are replacing the drab hospital frocks that are standard issue in the L&D ward, but it's not entirely clear whether or not they're the better choice. Any woman that's had a baby knows that giving birth is a beautiful process, but not in the conventional sense. Bringing a baby into the world is wonderful, and there's nothing quite like the radiant glow of a new mother. On the other hand, the huffing, puffing and pushing leading up to the birth is not an especially radiant time -- in most cases, appearance is the last thing on a laboring mother's mind.

So, should you try to add some style to the occasion or accept it as the uncomfortable, unfashionable event that it is? Well, more and more women are opting for style, as disposable labor and delivery gowns are making their way into maternity boutiques and online stores. With their cleverly positioned ties, nice cut and trendy designs, they are a step up from the alternative. But these disposable labor and delivery gowns aren't cheap, and in some cases they cost way more than you would pay for a reusable maternity outfit. Designers like 1 in the Oven, B.Y.O.G and Pretty Pushers have been raking in the cash for their cute and comfortable disposable gowns, and for some mothers-to-be, the idea of spending that kind of money on that kind of  garment is simply crazy.

But the decision to splurge or pass on a fashionable gown may not be as cut and dry as it seems. Some experienced moms admit that they wish they looked better in those first photos with their newborn, and a pretty gown could have gone a long way in the looks department. I know my outfit, with one gown strapped across my front and another thrown around my back, did little in the way of comfort and appeal. But with retailers marketing so many things as "necessary" to your pregnancy these days, it's natural to be skeptical about such a frivolous purchase. Do you think about disposable designer gowns are worth their high price tag?

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