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Aston Martin Stroller for Bond Babies!

Posted by Alissa Robson

Does your baby need a luxury ride, fit for a secret agent? Then look no further than the Aston Martin Silver Cross Surf stroller.

The high-end ride uses the same leather used in Aston Martin cars and is being dubbed “the most exclusive pram in the world” (Aston Martin being a British company). The wheels on the stroller are made from aluminum alloy and are designed in the same vein as the Aston Martin One-77, the iconic Bond car.

If you think all these design features are just for show, though, think again – the stroller also features an air-ride suspension that is guaranteed to give your baby a smooth ride.

So let’s say you’ve got a Bond fetish that you want to share with your baby. You can pick up the Silver Cross Surf for a cool $3,000, but you’d better get one quick – there are only 800 on the market, each of which will come with a certificate of authenticity and an engraved plaque to prove it’s a limited edition.

Hey, we say, sign us up! Who wouldn’t want their baby to cruise around like James Bond? We can just hear it now “The name’s Baby.  Little Baby. I’ll take that bottle shaken, not stirred.”

Sorry, that’s the best we could do! Let us know what you think of the Bond Stroller and leave us your best 007 pun in the comments!

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