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Baby Shower Registry Checklist: What should be on your list?

Posted by Tiffany

The nine months of your pregnancy can seem like a long time when you first start out, but before you know it that little bundle of joy will be here and you want to be prepared!

Depending on your tradition, baby showers can be before or after your baby is born. Usually only women attend and the party centers on gift giving.

Whether you know about your baby shower or not, it’s always handy to get yourself to your local Babies R Us or Department store to set up your baby registry. Even if you’re not having a shower per se, many people around you might want to know what to get you – so a registry is the perfect way to keep track!

How do you set up a Baby Shower Registry?

Baby Shower Registries are getting easier and easier! There are many options available. Babies R Us allows you to register online or in-store. If you choose the in-store method, simply go to your chosen store’s customer service center and ask them about baby registries. You will probably have to fill out some information at first. After that they will hook you up with a scanner so you can walk around the store and scan items you want along with the quantities you need. It’s as easy as that!

Don’t know what to add to your registry? Let us help!

Don’t worry! Setting up your baby shower registry can be a very overwhelming process. One word of advice: Stick to items for the baby – choosing items for you might give the wrong impression. There is a bunch of things that your baby is going to need when he/she enters the world, and people want to help. Use the money you save from your baby shower registry to buy things for yourself.

Here is a list of items that should be considered when creating your baby shower registry:


-          Crib

-          Mattress Paid (Moisture Proof is a good idea!)

-          Crib bumper

-          Crib Sheets

-          Bassinet

-          Changing Table

-          Table Covers for your Changing Table (Washable)

-          Diaper Pail

-          Hamper

-          Crib Gym

-          Mobile

For Meal Time

-          Booster Seat

-          High Chair

-          Bottles/Nipples/Bottle Caps

-          Bibs

-          Pacifier & Holder

-          Bottle Warmer

-          Sterilizer Kit

-          Bottle Brush

For the Home

-          Baby Bath Tub

-          Bath Sponge/Ring

-          Baby Moniter

-          Bouncer Seat

-          Blankets/Quilts

On the Go:

-          Diaper Bag

-          Stroller

-          Baby Carrier

-          Car Seat

 Is there something that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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