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Black Friday and Babies!

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Are you taking advantage of Black Friday Deals? Will you be lined up, at the crack of dawn waiting for your chance to get overly close and personal with all the other deal savvy shoppers? Remember to use the bathroom facilities FIRST, because it could be a long cold wait to get into the store and no one likes the smell of urine.

If you are pregnant, it may be more convenient and certainly far safer to go for some of the Black Friday online sales. Many retailers are offering free shipping on top of heavy discounts that can take a lot of the hassle out of internet shopping. Admit it, shopping in your comfy clothes, with an available bathroom and kitchen is far more appealing than playing pointy elbows with hassled shoppers fighting for the same item.

Daily Stupid is displaying one of the more disturbing images and rants on the dangers of Black Friday Mob Mentality Mayhem.

There are so many deals on for babies and children, toys, equipment, furniture, clothing and electronics. I couldn't possibly hope to list them all here, but I thought I would post up a few good resources for those looking to get some good deals;


And don't forget about some of the fabulous handmade items on

Just remember that it will save you far more than money if you leave the kids with a responsible babysitter. Your sanity is worth that little expense after all. Then again you are thinking about shopping on the most Kahrazay day of the year. You may not be so sane after all.

Happy Shopping every one!

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