Child Health and Safety

  • Pets Keep Babies Healthy, Study Shows

    Score another point for being a dog person! A new study out of Finland shows that babies who are raised with dogs suffer less often from common ailments.

  • ‘Baby Boxes’ Bringing Outrage Across Europe

    The return of the baby box in Europe is stirring up all kinds of opinions on everything from women’s rights to cruelty to children. If you don’t know what a baby box is, trust us – you’ll want to.

  • New Genetic Screening Test Stirs Up Controversy!

    Is there ever such a thing as too much information when it comes to your unborn baby? New research on the foetal genome has many in the medical community asking.

  • Top 5 Parenting Tips from a Pediatrician!

    We love a good roundup, especially when it includes advice coming straight from the mouth of a paediatrician with a long and active career. Check out Dr. Mickey Lester’s Top 5 pointers for parents! Before we jump right in, a […]

  • The Great Baby Wipe Debate – Which Side Are You On?

    It’s a much-debated issue both overseas and in our own backyard, but researchers in England believe they may have found the ‘bottom’ line – using baby wipes is just as effective as the traditional cotton wool and water technique. England's […]

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