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  • Dieting During Pregnancy – Stop Before You Start!

    It’s generally known that it’s not a good idea to diet while you’re pregnant (though eating well is always recommended), but what’s lesser known is that it might be smart to stop dieting before you even try to get pregnant.

  • Is Your Child’s Lunch Safe From the Lunch Police?

    At SureBaby, we’re still wrapping our heads around this story: a North Carolina pre-schooler’s lunch failed to meet a random nutrition inspection and was consequently substituted with…chicken nuggets?

  • Spoon-Feeding Babies May Make Them Overweight, Study Shows

    While making airplane noises can be fun for both parents and babies, spoon-feeding may not be the best option when it comes to weaning your child onto solid foods – in fact, it could actually set them up to be overweight in their childhood.

  • Holiday Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas on its way, pregnancy cravings are kicked into overdrive! But moms-to-be, the holidays also bring a list of foods you’ll want to make sure you avoid for the safety of your baby.

  • Mariah Carey Debuts Post-Baby Bod!

    On an interview with The Rosie Show, Carey explains how she’s lost 70 lbs since delivering babies Moroccan and Monroe, the majority of which she says was water weight.

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