• Teen Girls Don’t Believe They Will Get Pregnant, CDC Study Shows

    Reality TV show “Teen Mom” mustn’t be getting through to its target demographic. A new study by the CDC shows a high percentage of teenage girls have no understanding about their odds of getting pregnant.

  • Another Woman With Two Uteruses Gives Birth To Twins!

    This is one of the most interesting birth stories we’ve heard in a while – a Buffalo woman with two uteruses has given birth to twin boys, with one baby coming from each uterus!

  • Woman Reunited With Daughter After 77 Years!

    It’s a tale that borders on miraculous, and brings joy out of tragedy – raped at 16 and forced to give up her infant daughter, Minka Disbrow was finally granted her longstanding wish of seeing her baby girl again after 77 years.

  • Midwife Delivers Own Baby Using a Makeup Mirror!

    Midwives are becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby deliveries, but when you are a midwife, would it ever cross your mind to deliver your own baby? Only as a joke, says midwife Claire Clarke-Wood…until it actually happened.

  • Christmas Day Baby Roundup!

    For some moms-to-be, there was more to Christmas morning than opening up presents – their biggest surprise was bringing a new life into the world.

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