Mom Diaries

  • Baby Month 6 – Learning and Unlearning

    I cannot believe my little baby is half a year old. That’s right, not six months, which doesn’t sound nearly as bad, but half a year, which is pretty traumatic. I’m amazed at all the things she can do, but a little sad at the same time. And of course, a little nervous about all the things to come!

  • Let’s Talk About Mom Hair

    Okay, nothing serious to report on today, so I thought I’d take a little time to talk about the phenomenon known as “mom hair”.

  • “She Just Needs Her Mom” – The Tale of MJ’s First Babysitting

    At six months, many moms might be shocked that I haven’t left baby with a sitter for any length of time. But just this week, I was finally ready to cut the apron strings a little and leave my girl with a friend while I went out for a little alone time.

  • Formula – The Other F Word

    In the battle of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, there's one army that's being completely overlooked - what about the women who want or need to do both?

  • Baby Month 5 – Where It All Goes Out the Window

    Wow! Why isn’t it written in the baby books that month 5 will have you questioning everything you know about your baby and your ability as a mother?! Where did my little angel go and who is this fussy, sleep-striking little beast?

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