• Your Baby is Trying to Tell You Something

    Babies – they still don’t come with a manual, but new research may just provide a little insight into what’s going on when baby cries.

  • Kia’s Super Bowl Ad Putting Parents in the Hot Seat?

    You’ve just settled down with your kids and a bowl of pork rinds to watch the big game, when suddenly Kia’s “Where Do Babies Come From?” commercial gives the afternoon a decidedly different turn.

  • Your Toddler is Lying to You

    Children learn so many amazing things in their first years of life – crawling, walking, talking and much more. Unfortunately, telling lies also makes the list a lot sooner than we’d probably like.

  • Dads To Blame for Child’s Behavior?

    Dads, you’re not getting off the hook! A new study shows that a father’s interaction with an infant three months or younger can have a significant impact on whether a child develops behavioral problems before the age of 1.

  • Parenting Classes: Worth the Money?

    Preparing for baby isn’t cheap, so I’m always looking for opportunities to cut back where I can. I went back and forth on whether to sign up for a parenting class or not – and here’s what I decided.

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