• Gorillas Using Baby Talk? Why Not!

    Turns out, gorillas are even more like us than we thought! Mom gorillas have been found to indulge in a bit of so-called “baby talk” with their little ones, just like us.

  • Top 5 Parenting Tips from a Pediatrician!

    We love a good roundup, especially when it includes advice coming straight from the mouth of a paediatrician with a long and active career. Check out Dr. Mickey Lester’s Top 5 pointers for parents! Before we jump right in, a […]

  • Are You Boring Your Baby?

    If you think peekaboo’s going to cut it forever, you might want to think again! A new study shows that babies as young as seven months already know when something’s boring.

  • Jillian Michaels is a Mom Twice Over!

    Leave it to the hardcore former trainer on Biggest Loser to take on an even bigger challenge – becoming a mom not once but twice in the same week!

  • Time Magazine Cover Fuels Mom Wars!

    If you haven’t seen the cover of Time Magazine already, you’re among the few – the provocative cover of a woman breastfeeding a 3-year-old who is standing on a chair has sparked more than a bit of outrage and controversy on both sides of the breastfeeding and attachment parenting fence.

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