• New Genetic Screening Test Stirs Up Controversy!

    Is there ever such a thing as too much information when it comes to your unborn baby? New research on the foetal genome has many in the medical community asking.

  • Celebrity Mom Bling – Which Style Do You Like?

    With all of Hollywood’s new young moms, we thought we’d take a look at a celebrity mom trend – mom bling!

  • New Legislation Helps Pregnant Women on the Job!

    Call a pregnant woman disabled and you’re sure to get a few less-than-courteous reactions – but new legislation is looking at giving working expectant moms the same rights as disabled people on the job, which would certainly be easier to swallow.

  • Assisted Reproduction and Birth Defects – New Research

    While it’s been known for a while that test tube babies have higher rates of birth defects than babies conceived naturally, doctors are now getting down to the business of finding out whether it’s the infertility itself or the fertility treatments that cause the higher rate.

  • Late Births Linked to Behaviour Problems

    While premature births are often thought to be most worrisome, new research is showing that babies born late may face their own adversities later in life.

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