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  • Omega-3s May Fight Postpartum Depression, Study Shows

    Omega-3s May Fight Postpartum Depression, Study Shows

    Omega-3s are high on the list of super-foods for pregnant women but a new study shows there may be even more benefits for both moms and babies than we thought!

  • Wakefield's Vaccine/Autism Study is Fraudulent?

    Wakefield's Vaccine/Autism Study is Fraudulent?

    Is Andrew Wakefield your hero? Did his monumental study on the connection between vaccines and the potential to develop autism inform your decision not to have your children vaccinated? You may want to read the following study on Wakefield's conclusions. Last May one of the leading author's of a 1998 study paper, that suggested there was a link between the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine (AKA MMR Shot) and the development of autism, has been "stripped of his right to practice medicine in Britain." According to this article, the study he participated in has been shown to have been based on "doctored information about the children involved".

  • Amber Alert!

    Amber Alert!

    Amber Alert issued for missing N.Y. boy Police across southern Ontario are looking for a three-year-old boy after officials in upstate New York issued an Amber Alert for the missing toddler. Jacob Ryan Davila, from Elmira, N.Y., was taken from his mother Tuesday night, officials say. The child was last seen wearing a Spider-Man shirt, tan cargo pants and white sneakers. the man suspecting of taking the child is black, 30 years old and believed to be driving a Dodge Intrepid with the New York licence plate number FEV3631. His name is Chris and he's about six feet tall and 180 pounds, police said. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

  • Infertile? Soy Could Help

    Infertile? Soy Could Help

    Many of our dear members here on SureBaby are struggling with infertility and have an obvious interest in some of the new fertility research being posted these days. As such, we are happy to relate all the newest discoveries that are coming down the news wires However, it is important to note that quite frequently articles such as this one on a Soya-Based Fertility Treatment are quoted and reported out of context. We will try very hard not to do that, because the only thing worse than false hope is deliberate false hope.

  • Keeping Music Alive in Schools

    Keeping Music Alive in Schools

    ¬† PRESS RELEASE: Capella Collection Announces: ¬† ¬†Capella Collection is very excited and proud to announce an important partnership with Beethoven Found, an organization dedicated to keeping classical music alive in schools. Beethoven Found has partnered with VH1's "Save the […]