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Chilean Miners and Mistresses! Is Your House In Order?

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Well lovely Sure Baby Members, it goes without saying that the past week has been full of wonderful and heartwarming tales of survival and triumph for the Chilean Miners trapped in the San Jose mine. Of course the more naughty news stories have centered around the mistresses of the miners who have come forward to try to collect the government compensation being awarded to the spouses and partners of the miners.

Apparently some of the women had come forward in good faith, only to find out that their husband already had another wife and children, can you imagine the heartbreak and anger? The most terrifying aspect of the entire ordeal is that many of these women only found out about one another because they were reliant upon the miner to help provide for their families. With the men trapped underground, the women were desperate for help. Imagine being in their position of needing to obtain government assistant, only to find out that they couldn't access it due to their "supposed" husband's deception. Anger with your partner aside, what would you do to provide for your family?

I can't say how I would handle the situation, because I'm not involved and people never react the way they boast they will when faced with real life. I will say though, that this issue should be a real wake up call to women to be able to support themselves and their families in some way, should anything happen to their partner.

Do you have a skill set that will help you find work should you need it? Can you take some classes and increase your education or certifications in something while you are pregnant or on maternity leave? Staying current is immensely important in the job market and using the time away from work to improve your resume will go a long way.

Have you and your partner been saving a "nest egg" for those emergency situations that can crop up?

I don't want to freak any one out, but these are all things to think about and to realize that the job market isn't getting any easier, so it may be best to keep up your skill set and even work from home for a bit to help with your financial situation.

Do you have a safety net? Have you considered any of the "What if" scenarios?

It has me thinking! And I think I need to stop splurging on specialty coffees and start saving for a rainy day.


Everyone Needs a Safety Net!

Money: Everyone Needs a Safety Net!

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