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Dad Interviews One-Year-Old Son in Hilarious Video – Watch!

Posted by tina

Parents rarely have too much time on their hands, but in the case of this video where a father interviews his one-year-old son, we’re thinking this might have been the once in a blue moon occurrence.

Using some creative editing and great acting skills, little Jose Luis’ dad interviewed him on what it’s like to live a typical day in his life. He wasn’t afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions, either, from “How is it that you manage to pee through your diaper every night?” to “What’s it like to stay home with mommy all day?”

Alright, maybe it doesn’t sound so hilarious on paper, but the short video is definitely worth a watch. Over 400,000 people must agree, as that’s the number of hits the video has received on YouTube.

So take a look and let us know what you think – is little Jose adorable beyond words with a hilarious dad to boot? Would you tune back in to see more of Jose? And finally, does seeing this little bit of creative parenting inspire you to do your own camera work? Let us know in the comments below or share a little story about how you’ve captured your child’s comedic moments on camera or film.

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