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Recall: Dart Gun Sold at Dollar Stores

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It is all too common to see toy dart gun play sets in dollar stores around the country.  Most parents know not to allow these types of toys around their babies, due to choking hazards.  But when a nine or ten year old asks for these toys, there seems to be little risk.  Tragically, this is not the case in light of the recent deaths of both a nine and ten year old boy.

Toy dart guns sold exclusively at Family Dollar Stores have been recalled due to the asphyxiation deaths of these two young boys.  The toys were imported by Henry Gordy International, Inc. from China and were sold in Family Dollar Stores for $1.50 each.  There were 1.8 million of these toy dart gun sets distributed and subsequently recalled.

This particular dart set is called, “Auto Fire,” item #P238, and includes eight orange darts as well as a gun and target.  The darts can be inhaled by a child, causing asphyxiation.  The packaging states the toy should only be purchased for children 8 years old and up.  You will also find “Gordy Toy” on the packaging.   Unfortunately there is another toy dart gun recall due to the tragic death of a young boy.  This eight year old was chewing on a dart when he accidentally swallowed it.  The dart became stuck in his throat, soon causing his death.

This “Action Team” play set comes with a toy gun, a SWAT watch, a walkie-talkie, baton, whistle, badge, ID card and three rubber darts.  “Made in China” is printed on the side of the play gun.  The set was sold in discount department stores for one dollar.

The OKK Trading company will provide a pre-paid envelope to those who need to return the dart set.  They will also reimburse families with a $3.00 “bounty.”

Even older children tend to put things in their mouths and chew them.  Have you ever heard, “Oh come on Mom, nothing will happen!”  Many parents will tell you they often have to tell older children to take something out of their mouths.  This is a good yet sad reminder that any toy with small, soft parts should be kept away from children of any age.

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