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Dieting During Pregnancy – Stop Before You Start!

Posted by Alissa Robson

It’s generally known that it’s not a good idea to diet while you’re pregnant (though eating well is always recommended), but what’s lesser known is that it might be smart to stop dieting before you even try to get pregnant.

New research is showing that women who get pregnant while they’re on a diet are at greater risk for having children who might become obese or diabetic later in life.

The study looked at twin pregnancies in sheep and ewes, some of which were given less food to eat than others at the time when their lambs were conceived. Brain tissue from the unborn lambs was examined to see if there were any notable changes to DNA structure, particularly that in the region of the brain where food intake and glucose are regulated.

The results did show changes in these areas that were associated with diabetes development, which has lead researchers in the study to a possible indicator for why twins may be more likely to get diabetes as well as for why human mothers who don’t receive proper nutrition at conception may end up having children who develop obesity.

“Our study is important because it shows that factors in the brain can be altered by non-hereditary mechanisms and this results in changes in the body, which could make people obese,” study leader Anne White explained. “This is not an inherited change in the genes but a change in the structure of the DNA that affects the genes, and therefore much more unusual.”

At SureBaby, we like to emphasize eating healthy and exercising portion control as the best means of “dieting”, whether you’re planning for a baby or not, but we’re certainly interested in the findings of this research.

What do you think on the subject of dieting and pregnancy? Or on the conclusions found in this study? Let us know in the comments!

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