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Dirty Laundry Made Sexycrazycool!

Posted by tina

I have a ton of freak'n laundry to do today and I definitely don't want to do it.

I wouldn't mind if it was just doing the laundry, but first I have to pick it all up, then I have to sort, do various sniff tests and turn crispy sweaty socks right side out, THEN I start the loads of laundry, dry the laundry, resort the laundry, fold the laundry and redistribute the laundry.


So to avoid doing all that, I have been playing on the internet instead and found myself a groovy little theme song for my day of laundry overdrive!

In the process of procrastinating, I discovered an awesome new group; Bitter:Sweet. I adore their music and haven't come upon a song that isn't worthy of an impromptu dance around the room. They actually make "dirty laundry" sound like fun, which we all know is pretty hard to do.

Dirty Laundry

Kind of a funky little video to go along with it all too! Robot and Girl power!

So, if dirty laundry is on your to do list today, maybe dance around and make a boring and dull chore a little more bearable with a cool new tune! Or better yet, play on the internet and procrastinate a little bit longer!

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