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Don’t Feed Me Shirts – The Latest Health-Conscious Fashion Trend for Kids?

Posted by Alissa Robson

Kids with serious food allergies are a concern for many parents, and actress Kym Whitley has found a new way to tackle the issue – her new line of “Don’t Feed Me” t-shirts.

Using her adopted son’s food allergies as inspiration, Whitley designed a children’s t-shirt with a chart of common food allergies on it (as well as four blank squares for not so common ones) that can be checked off with a marker. The shirt, which also includes a space for the child’s name, gives new care providers and parents of the child’s friends an unmistakable visual indicator of the child’s serious allergies.

Okay, this one got us thinking – we do love the idea of making it easy for parents and caregivers to know of a child’s serious allergies. What parent wouldn’t want to ensure that that information is made very clear any time their child steps out the door?

But we’re not exactly sure whether a kid at a birthday party or social gathering with his or her friends would be so thrilled to wear this t-shirt. It seems like a bit of a banner waved around, and certainly doesn’t leave room for a child’s personal wardrobe taste. And who’s to say a parent will even really notice the shirt in an atmosphere as chaotic as a party?

We’re guessing Whitley doesn’t intend the shirt to be the only method for advertising food allergies, and we certainly think phone calls and careful instruction to child and caregivers is a more important must-do.

But hey, the t-shirts can’t hurt either! If you’re interested, you can find them on Kym’s website for $10.

Let us know, would you buy one of these shirts for your child? Leave your thoughts in the Surebaby comments.

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