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Feeding Milestones – What to Expect From your Baby from Birth to 1 Year

Posted by Tiffany

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the everyday “business” of taking care of our newborn we forget the little milestones that we should be celebrating. In the “Guide for Caring For your Child From Birth to Age Five” by Diane Sacks she discusses the milestones that we should look for in terms of feeding time.

Here are some of these milestones below:

Birth to Four Months

  • Opens mouth before breastfeeding
  • Sucks and Swallows on his/her own

Four to Six Months

  • Has increased sucking strength
  • Brings fingers to their mouth
  • Connects with you during feeding (smiling, squealing, responsive etc.)

Six to Nine Months

  • Drinks from cup held by you
  • Eats soft food from spoon
  • Can hold food & feed him/herself snacks (cheerios etc.)

Nine to Twelve Months

  • Wants to use spoon on their own
  • Feeds at regular times

Keep in mind that not all babies follow the timeline above with absolute certainty – it’s meant as a guide! If your baby does seem to be developing at a slower rate, write this down and bring it up at the next appointment with your doctor.

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