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Figuring Out Mother’s Day

Posted by Alissa Robson

Now that I’m part of the club, in the days leading up to Mother’s Day, I found myself wondering exactly how the day would play out.

There are some who say that Mother’s Day has become just another commercial holiday, and the amount of advertising that goes into it sure would make it seem that way. I also heard a lot of discussion about what to “get” moms on the special day as well as some debate over whether husbands have to do anything special for the wives, as well as their own mothers.

Here are my thoughts:

I’ve always believed that a day like Mother’s Day isn’t about giving gifts, in the way that Christmas and birthdays are. When you’re an adult and living away from your mother, a thoughtful physical gesture could be the way to go (whether it’s flowers, a card or even just a phone call).

But for moms who are still raising their kids, I’ve always thought the day should just be about doing something as a family – and about family members doing a bit more to make sure Mom can take it easy. Dads, this doesn’t get you off the hook. Most times, young children need a little help on how to show Mom she’s special, whether it’s preparing that breakfast in bed or making a homemade card. Older children might need a little help being reminded to go out of their way for Mom, and that’s where Dad comes in.

So in my opinion, it’s not about a gift but about the time spent together. So how did I spend my day?

Interestingly, I spent it as I would have spent a special day without the baby. I had requested a trip to the park and a nice brunch, but some unexpectedly nasty weather ruled both of those out. So my husband and I drove to a nearby city for some shopping and then went out to eat together (something we used to do a lot of pre-baby).

But this time, of course, we did it with baby. It was a little bit more challenging – the shopping was more focused (i.e. rushed) and our dinner involved a high chair, pre-packed baby food and lots of baby talk and toys to keep her happy. But it was fun just the same.

When we got home, our little girl was ca-razy. Over-stimulation perhaps, or maybe just too much time spent in a car seat; whatever it was, she went bananas and it took all our attention just to get her to bedtime (or a half-hour before) without blowing a fuse.

Finally, when she was tucked in, we poured big glasses of wine and hit the couch to veg for the rest of the night. And of course, we did our usual review of all the adorable pictures we took of our little girl that day. Cheesy, yes, but the perfect cap to Mother’s Day.

I think in my head I had something glamorous planned for Mother’s Day - something more momentous or profound, where I would celebrate all the changes in my life since becoming a Mom. But the day I had, where I blended who I used to be with who I am now, was actually just perfect.

Today, however, I’m popping out to the local pottery place to get MJ’s footprints on…something. Because it just feels like the right thing to do.

Moms out there, how did you spend Mother’s Day? How did you spend your first Mother’s Day? Share your story with us in the SureBaby comments.

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