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Friends With Kids Promises Parenting Laughs

Posted by Alissa Robson

Watch out, What to Expect! Baby movies are hot this year, and stiff competition is coming with the Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott film Friends With Kids.

The film is a comedy and along with Westfeldt and Scott features seasoned comedienne Kristin Wiig and Jon Hamm, who is quickly building his name as a comedic actor after the smash hit Bridesmaids.

The film centers around two friends, Julie and Jason, who have seen the horrors of what having a baby can do to a relationship (goodbye fancy restaurants, hello sleepless nights). But as their biological clocks tick on, they decide that they can have it all, ie. have the kid without having to settle down.

Their crazy plan? To share a baby – to be 100 percent committed to parenting, 50 percent of the time.

They won’t live together, though they do live in the same building, and they certainly won’t be dating. Each will continue their pursuit to find Mr. or Ms. Right, and will still have the freedom to date thanks to their unique co-parenting situation.

Sound like a recipe for disaster? We think so, too, and we think we can smell where this film is going. Could Julie and Jason actually be a perfect match after all? Will having a child together make them realize it? It’s a rom-com, so our money’s on the happy, fairy tale ending.

Still, with such a stellar cast, we think this movie might be worth checking out, for singles, couples, parents and those who are still free to go out to fancy restaurants whenever they like.

What do you think SureBaby readers? Is this a movie you’d see or does it sound like a dud? Does it get your vote over What to Expect?

Let us know in the comments!

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