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Having Twins? How to Cut Costs when Having Multiples!

Posted by Tiffany

Are you having twins and worried about how much it’s going to cost? Saving up for a baby is hard enough but when you’re having more than one there’s a tendency think that you have to double or triple your budget .

Here are some costs saving strategies that you can use to get ready for your babies!

Look for Deals Specific to Multiples!

There are lots of companies out there who offer discounts to parents who have multiples. Usually all you have to do is send in a copy of your babies’ birth certificates and mail in a request.

Here are some companies who have had multiple birth programs in the past:


Know when to Double Up!

There are some things you want to buy two of but most of the time, you only need one.  Here are some sample items. Comment below if you can think of anything else!

Buy One Buy Two
  • Toys (no need to buy 2 of the same toy)
  • Diaper Pail
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Baby Monitor
  • Lotions/Soap
  • Strollers – But one that has room for two!
  • Portable Cribs


  • Car Seat
  • High Chairs
  • Bouncy Seats
  • Bottle Warmers
  • Crib for sleeping



Follow these Clothing Tips!

Your children are going to be growing a mile a minute! Buying clothes for every step of the way could be costly. So to save some money try out these tips:

  • If you have family or friends that have had babies – ask them for help with clothing. It’s a huge cost saver – and you probably will only use the clothes for a month or so for the first year.
  • Check out Twins Clubs in your areas – Most cities have multiple birth clubs that could help you by informing you of massive sales in the area, or good places to rent/buy clothes for your baby!
  • Use Cloth Diapers – I know it sounds like a pain but it could save you around $4000 in 2.5 years!

Make your Own Food

When you’re not breastfeeding anymore, you can still save money by making your own baby food. Not only is it healthier but it can save you loads of money and time! Don’t know how? Check out our previous blog about making your own homemade baby food in 30 minutes or less.. a week!

Your turn!

Do you have any money saving tips you can share?

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