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Holiday Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas on its way, pregnancy cravings are kicked into overdrive! But moms-to-be, the holidays also bring a list of foods you’ll want to make sure you avoid for the safety of your baby.

Unpasteurized foods are the most likely culprit you’ll find on many holiday menus. These include, cheese, fresh squeezed juice and cider, which may contain listeria, E. coli and other harmful bacteria. Fortunately, all of these foods and drinks can be found pasteurized, but make sure you read labels or ask questions at parties before you eat.

The second food group you’ll want to avoid are raw and smoked foods. Sushi and smoked meats are popular at holiday parties, but they can also contain parasites and bacteria. You’ll also want to avoid sauces that may contain raw eggs, such as hollandaise and aioli.

Finally, two of the most-loved holiday traditions – eggnog and the dessert table - are offenders in both of the categories listed above. Eggnog is often made with unpasteurized eggs, which means it’s a no-no, while many desserts on the dessert table may be made with raw or undercooked eggs.

Both desserts and eggnog may also contain alcohol, so again, be sure to question your host or hostess when you’re out at parties. If in doubt, skip, but you may want to bring a plate of your own treats, so you’ll know you’ll have something to satisfy that craving!

Got any great holiday recipes that are safe for expectant moms? Let us know in the SureBaby comments!

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