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IKEA Crib Recall – SNIGLAR Models

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IKEA product names aren’t the easiest to remember, but owners of SNIGLAR cribs from the popular furniture chain are being asked to take a close look at their models. A recall has been issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with IKEA, on non-drop-side, full-size SNIGLAR cribs with model number 60091931.

Roughly 20,000 units in the US and 6,000 in Canada are being recalled after an issue was identified with the four bolts used to hold the crib’s mattress support in place. The bolts in some of the models were too short to fully extend through their securing nuts, which could cause the support to collapse, resulting in suffocation or injury to a child.

Owners of SNIGLAR cribs are being asked to check the model numbers of their units (found on a label on the mattress support) as well as the bolts holding the support in place. If the bolts extend fully through the nut, the unit is considered safe and is not part of the recall. If the bolts are too short, owners are asked to contact IKEA at (888) 966-4532 to be issued a repair kit.

Although no instances of injury have been reported, all parents with defective cribs are instructed to find another sleeping arrangement for their child until they receive repair kits.

Full details on the recall, including photos of how a proper bolt should look, can be found on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website and the Health Canada website.

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