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Infant Formula Recall Looming? Enfamil Pulled From Shelves After Infant Death

Posted by Alissa Robson

Enfamil Newborn baby formula is being pulled from the shelves after an infant in Lebanon, Missouri has died of cronobacter infection.

Cronobacter infection is caused by the cronobacter sakazakii bacteria, found in plant materials, include wheat, herbs, rice and spices, and has in the past been linked to powdered formula. Though instances of the infection are rare, they are extremely dangerous and in 80 percent of cases lead to fatality.

After it was identified that the infant had consumed Enfamil formula from a Walmart store, the entire lot – number ZP1K7G - of the formula was pulled from the shelves and is undergoing extensive testing.

A rep from Enfamil makers Mead Johnson Nutrition, Christopher Perille, says that any formula produced by the company is tested thoroughly for cronobacter before it is released, and says on Enfamil’s behalf, “…we will go back and check the records to make sure this lot was tested. We are sharing all our information with authorities so they can track down the source.”

Since it is too soon to say whether the formula was the cause of the child’s death, the product is simply being held by Walmart. The test results will determine whether there is need for a full recall.

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