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Infertile? Soy Could Help

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Many of our dear members here on SureBaby are struggling with infertility and have an obvious interest in some of the new fertility research being posted these days.

As such, we are happy to relate all the newest discoveries that are coming down the news wires, however, it is important to note that quite frequently articles such as this one on a Soya-Based Fertility Treatment are quoted and reported out of context. We will try very hard not to do that, because the only thing worse than false hope is deliberate false hope.

So without further ado, here is what we have found out about this new study;

Medical Study Description;
British scientists were looking at the effect a new soya-based treatment had on a group of women who were undergoing IVF treatments at the same time. The soya-based substance is actually called "Intralipid Liquid" which is actually a "fat and calorie-rich potion normally used when tube-feeding very sick patients". The idea behind the study is that the liquid helps to quash the body's natural production of harmful chemicals that contribute to miscarriage. That is why it was important that the women who participated in the study were those who had suffered from either repeated early miscarriages or non productive IVF attempts.

What is most exciting are the early results they are posting; "In the experiment, the British scientists found that when women who'd gone through IVF time and time again without success were given (this) soya-based substance, half got pregnant. In contrast, fewer than one in 10 of those who had conventional fertility treatment alone conceived."

Those are some pretty good odds!

What does this mean for us?

Well, the article doesn't mention the number of women in the study nor if the results have been peer reviewed or conducted in a double blind situation. All of these factors could influence the validity of the conclusions they are drawing. The treatments are still listed as experimental and as such are light years away from being accepted and condoned by the medical community.

Don't go out and buy up a ton of tofu or try to grab some black market Intralipid liquid from your local hospital. This is more news for the interested than a beacon of hope.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on and try to stay positive!

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