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Is Your Child’s Lunch Safe From the Lunch Police?

Posted by Alissa Robson

At SureBaby, we’re still wrapping our heads around this story: a North Carolina pre-schooler’s lunch failed to meet a random nutrition inspection and was consequently substituted with…chicken nuggets?

Oh, it gets even more weird. The girl’s lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and a bag of potato chips. We know, we know, potato chips may not be the best, but otherwise, that looks like a pretty well-rounded lunch.

Depending on your source, the scoop is as follows: Someone (some reports say a state lunch inspector, some say a teacher) deemed this girl’s lunch to be below nutritional standards, and ordered her to get a school cafeteria lunch instead. The result? Chicken nuggets.

The girl did as told, but only ate a few chicken nuggets before throwing them out, then took her packed lunch home and of course reported the story to her parents. Hence the outrage.

So here’s what we’re thinking. This could be a case of media just going a little hogwild with sensationalizing a story. The most sane of the news items said that it was probably a case of an educational staff member misinterpreting the school’s policy on lunch nutrition – the girl should have been given a carton of milk to enhance her lunch, not asked to purchase chicken nuggets from the cafeteria.

But the crazy story does raise important issues. Who’s job is it to ensure a child receives proper nutrition? And how far can the government and public institutions go in their guidelines, if it is left up to them?

We most definitely want to hear what you think on the great lunch debate! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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