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Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower – Sweet or Scandalous?

Posted by Alissa Robson

Well, she may not be making headlines with her baby weight gain this time around, but Jessica Simpson’s pregnancies always have people talking. This time, it’s her baby shower that is stirring up the drama.

The star recently was recently honored with a shower organized by her mother Tina, with a celebrity guest list that included her sister Ashley, Jessica Alba and more. The shower had a Tom Sawyer theme (a great choice since the singer is having a boy), and the shower was said to be very “homey” with comfort foods like mini sliders, grilled cheese and pigs in a blanket.

Nothing scandalous there, right?

But what really seems to have many people up in arms is the fact that Jessica had a shower AT ALL. Many people believe that second baby showers are just a tacky gift grab. The whole purpose of them, they say, is to help get set up for a baby – if you’ve already had a baby, you should already have the stuff!

The other factor that’s ruffled some feathers is that Jessica is a celebrity and should be able to afford to buy whatever she needs for her baby herself. No shower needed.

In our opinion? Well, on that second point, we figure Simpson’s guest list probably had just as much money to spare as she does, so no biggie if they shell out for a gift.

On the first point, is a second baby shower tacky? Well, we kind of feel that every new baby deserves a celebration, and every pregnant woman deserves one last hurrah with her girls before the baby arrives. A shower is just a nice way to get friends and family together before the big day.

But registering for a second baby shower? Well, you’ve got us there. We think that would be a little tacky!

What do you think of Jessica’s second shower, or second baby showers in general? Leave us your thoughts in the SureBaby comments.

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