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Keeping Music Alive in Schools

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Capella Collection Announces:

 Capella Collection is very excited and proud to announce an important partnership with Beethoven Found, an organization dedicated to keeping classical music alive in schools. Beethoven Found has partnered with VH1's "Save the Music" foundation to restore music education and provide instruments to schools.  

Listening to classical music can increase memory and concentration, and studying a musical instrument has been shown to increase spatial reasoning."  (from Good Music Brighter Children, Sharlene Habermeyer).

VH1 Save The Music FoundationOne of Capella Collection's missions is to support school programs that focus on fitness and education. It is a well-documented fact that music education is paramount to children's mental development. We are dedicated to making sure that children have every opportunity to get a full and complete education so that they can grow into well-rounded adults.  

The purchase of a Capella Collection product not only honors a parent, it contributes to worthy causes centered on the betterment of children. 

On June 14, 2010 a major gala will take place at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC with performances of newly, rediscovered works of Beethoven along with some Beethoven favorites presented by members of several orchestras, including the NSO and the City Choir of Washington and music by the Radio King Orchestra. The Anacostia High School was selected as a beneficiary of this event. 

Visit, and for more information on these organizations.

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