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Kia’s Super Bowl Ad Putting Parents in the Hot Seat?

Posted by Alissa Robson

You’ve just settled down with your kids and a bowl of pork rinds to watch the big game, when suddenly Kia’s “Where Do Babies Come From?” commercial gives the afternoon a decidedly different turn.

The commercial has a boy seated in the back seat of a Kia posing the question to his father, “Dad, where do babies come from?”

The dad, apparently not wanting to go down that road while he drives down the road, concocts a wild tale about a planet called Babylandia, populated entirely by babies that, when the time comes, go on a space mission to Earth where they connect with their parents.

Well done, Dad. You dodged a bullet!

Too bad all those parents who sat down with their kids for an afternoon of escapism can’t say the same. Kia’s kid-friendly commercial could have caused thousands of little bright eyes to look up at Mom and Dad and say, “Is that really what happens?”

It probably didn’t, but an article in Time’s Health and Family section, suggests maybe it should and that the commercial is a great opportunity to insert a “teaching moment”.

“Things like this ad are a great opportunity to have the conversation,” psychologist Susan Bartell, who was interviewed in the article, said. She suggests when your kids ask the question to find out what they already know and use that to help frame your answer.

While we’re not sure we’d be using Super Bowl Sunday as the opportunity to start the conversation, we do see Bartell’s point about seizing good opportunities to explain the birds and the bees to kids. When they’re interested, it’s more likely to be a positive experience, rather than something stressful and embarrassing for both of you.

Now we want to know, when did the topic come up in your family and how did you deal with it? Was it Super Bowl Sunday or some other unexpected moment?

Share your stories with us in the SureBaby comments. Oh, and check out the commercial below!

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