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Late Births Linked to Behaviour Problems

Posted by Alissa Robson

While premature births are often thought to be most worrisome, new research is showing that babies born late may face their own adversities later in life.

A Dutch study examined 5,145 babies born between April 2002 and January 2006. Of that group, 226 (roughly 4 percent) were born early (pre-term) and 382 (roughly 7 percent) were born late (post-term, some who had been in the womb up to 10 months).

Parents of the babies were asked to complete questionnaires about their child’s behaviour and development at the 18 and 36 month marks. The results indicated that both pre-term and post-term babies were more likely to have behavioural and emotional problems than those born in the normal birth range, with pre-term babies being 2.3 times more likely, and post-term babies 2 times.

Researchers in the study aren’t entirely sure why the results proved as they did. One theory was that placental degradation may be the cause – as the pregnancy goes past the normal due date, the placenta begins to break down and the baby may lack sufficient levels of oxygen and nutrients.

This is just one theory however, and the study’s lead author is quick to add that more research needs to be conducted.

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