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Lesbian Couple Gets Pregnant at the Same Time with Same Sperm Donor!

Posted by Alissa Robson

The ever-evolving definition of family brings new and exciting pregnancy stories every day - including this one about a British lesbian couple who got pregnant with not one but two babies from the same sperm donor at the same time.

Anna and Kirsty were married in 2010 and quickly wanted to start a family together. Not sure they could due to the high costs of IVF, the couple were thrilled when they learned that a friend of Anna’s sister, a hairdresser named Nick, was willing to act as a private sperm donor for the couple.

It was decided that Nick and the couple would handle the sperm donation themselves, without government or medical involvement, and that Nick would visit Anna and Kirsty once a week to donate his sperm until either of the women became pregnant.

Banking on the fact that the process could take a while, the couple were shocked to find that with just a couple of weeks difference in conception dates between them, they both were pregnant!

Anna and Kirsty are now parents to daughter Scarlett-Marie and son Alfie, who were born only five days apart. The babies are now over 3 months old, and the whole family is settling in together and is very happy for the gift they were given and the unique situation that brought their children into the world.

At SureBaby, we love this story! Got any other heartwarming stories of couples who have started families in unique ways? Let us hear about them in the comments!

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