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Mamas & Papas Juice High Chair: Mom Diaries Product Review

Posted by Alissa Robson

I’m a real go-getter when it comes to this whole pregnancy thing. Despite the advice in books to register for gifts at a shower, wait till your nesting instinct kicks in or wait till you find out baby’s gender, I have been all over getting ready for baby since the moment the test turned positive. And you could say I started my big-ticket baby shopping with the least-urgent item – the high chair.

A few months ago, I got a coupon for a boutique baby store that was having a one-day sale. While they didn’t offer a lot of products I’d be interested in (boutiques tend to be on the pricy side), they did have some great deals on high chairs that my husband and I decided to take advantage of.

I did some advanced online research on the store’s website (yes, I am that Type A!) and had it narrowed down to two choices – a Guzzie and Guss wooden high chair and the Mamas & Papas Juice. Both had the clean, minimalist design we were looking for – the padding, ruffles, gizmos and doodads on some of these chairs gives me hives, I swear – and both were very reasonably priced.

We ended up choosing the Mamas & Papas for a bunch of reasons: 1) It had a removable tray, which, when you’re a crusty-baby-food-o-phobe, easy cleaning is key; and 2) it had a nice layer of foam padding, while the Guzzie and Guss model was straight wood (padded seat cushions sold separately).

But maybe the best reason was that the Juice model high chair also converts into a toddler chair for when the baby grows up a bit, just by removing a section of the legs and popping out the central leg-separator thing (it even comes with a plug to fill the hole left behind). We’re strapped for seating at the best of times, so the extra chair will certainly come in handy in our small house, and it’s great to get double the value out of our investment.

So, we made our first baby furniture purchase that day – hooray! And it has sat in the box ever since...

With no real urgency to put the chair together, and not a ton of space to store it, there didn’t seem any reason to assemble the chair, but we did eventually get curious and wanted to make sure all the parts were there and everything looked good.

While my husband tackled other, more manly, household renovations, I took to assembling the chair. And let me tell you, this thing was an absolute dream to put together! Despite having largely pictorial directions (think Ikea furniture), it went together in a literal snap, probably in under 10 minutes tops. It was together so fast, I even forgot to take pictures to document the process (finished product shots will have to do!).

The harness, which I’ll admit looks rather complex and a little hardcore to someone like me, who as a baby was strapped into an oversized old-fashioned wooden high chair with a fabric swatch, was already pre-attached to the seat part of the chair, so even that potentially difficult step was easy.

We’ve since kept the chair in our living room / dining room, just tucked in a corner where we can look at it but it’s not in the way for the next, oh, 9 months or so. It’s got a great modern look, is cushy for baby and will hopefully last from her into her toddler years.

I have to say that baby purchase number 1 has been a big hit! Now hopefully we can be as lucky when we finally bite the bullet and choose our crib and stroller!

What baby products spring to mind as success stories for you parents out there? I’d love to hear them and recommendations are always welcome in the SureBaby comments!

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