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Miranda Kerr Reveals Labor Nightmare: "Thought I was Going to Die!"

Posted by bridget

Being a supermodel doesn't make giving birth any easier! Miranda Kerr, wife of Orlando Bloom and mom of six month old Flynn, talked to In Style Australia about delivering her son.

“I actually thought I was going to die at one point and left my body,” the model, 28, said of the January delivery. “I was looking down on myself – the pain was so intense.”

“I kept thinking, ‘How do women do this?’ But if other women have done this, I can do it too. I was determined.”

And her determination paid off!  Kerr and husband Bloom are having a ball raising their little bundle of joy.  They only have a nanny when Kerr is working out of town, and the young couple are sharing parenting duties equally.

“It’s whoever has their hands free,” she says, when asked who is primarily responsible for taking care of Flynn. "When I’m not working we don’t have a nanny. Some nights we have a lady who comes in to help out, but [Flynn] is getting better at sleeping now, so not as often. And if I need to get on a plane for one day of work, I pump my milk and put it into the freezer for Orlando.”

Refreshingly, Kerr doesn't seem to have been too worried about whether or not her body would bounce back to modeling shape after giving birth (though that may be easier to say now that it has come back to full force, Victoria Secret model glory).

“[Flynn is] a big baby, 4.5 kilograms [almost 10 pounds] at birth,” she told In Style. “And I thought to myself, ‘I have so much more that I want to do aside from modeling. I can live with my body not being in shape if I have a healthy son. It’s worth it.’”

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