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Mom Diaries Product Review: Britax B-Agile Stroller and B-Safe Infant Car Seat

Posted by Alissa Robson

There is nothing that brings home the fact that a baby is on the way quite like assembling a stroller in your living room. Fortunately, with the Britax B-Agile, the process was short and sweet!

The B-Agile Stroller

We’d held off on buying the stroller for a while, but from the time I gave the B-Agile its first push, I was certain it was the one for us. Fortunately, my husband was in agreement. Though he’d found one that was his first choice (a big, rugged City Elite, I believe it was), the fact that when I collapsed it I could barely get the thing lifted off the ground was a major drawback.

Another factor was that I’m a public transit user, so our stroller had to be compact enough to get on a bus, but still durable enough to make long walks enjoyable. The B-Agile fit all this criteria and more – not only could I collapse and lift it with one hand, it had great suspension, easy locks and a series of awesome features, including:

A Large Canopy and Ventilation

I’m all about sun protection, especially if my stroller was going to be a dark colour (which we heard hides the dirt better). The B-Agile’s canopy was large without being cumbersome, and it had easy-to-use ventilation panels that could be exposed just by rolling up a flap.


There’s definitely nothing wrong with attaching an infant car seat to a stroller, and I’m sure I’ll do a lot of that, but it was also nice to know that the B-Agile was fully equipped to hold a newborn on its own, without the use of the car seat.

Three Wheels

I’ve always thought three-wheeled strollers were kind of funny looking, but after testing out three- and four-wheeled models, the three is the clear winner for maneuverability. Though I obviously didn’t get the opportunity to test in advance, I have a feeling I can easily get this stroller on and off a bus, as well as through other tight spaces.

Easy Folding

One hand folding is a beautiful thing! With the B-Agile, you just grab a handle located on the seat of the stroller and lift. To expand, you do have to pull back a release mechanism, but a hand and a foot is all that’s needed to easily bounce the stroller back out to full size. This is BY FAR my favourite feature!

Three-Click Assembly

Well maybe it was a bit more than that, but the wheels and other externals on this stroller clicked on in seconds (no tools needed), and all Velcro-ing and snapping for the canopy was as easy as a dream. I had this stroller together before my husband even arrived home one day, so rather than find me in a crying hormonal heap on the floor, he found me proudly parading it around our home. It was a good day for both of us!

The B-Safe Infant Car Seat

I could go on all day about the awesome features of the B-Agile stroller, but I should move on to the B-Safe car seat. It’s hard to believe this is the smaller version of car seat in the Britax line, because it is still quite large, but overall, we really liked this seat.

Like the stroller, the B-Safe has a nice, large canopy to keep baby shaded that is easily retractable. The handle on the car seat also retracts with just the click of two buttons, and overall the seat is comfortably padded and is as sleek in design as the stroller itself.

But really, our choice for the Britax car seat came less out of the merits of the seat itself, and more for the fact that the stroller was already equipped with mounts for Britax car seats (go figure, smart move Britax), so we didn’t need to add any type of adapter. Attaching the stroller to the car seat is as easy as clicking it in to the adapters. A snap!

We’ve yet to install the car seat base in our car, so I can’t comment just yet on how easy that process is. But if it’s anything like the rest of our experience with Britax products, we expect it to be a walk in the park.

Shelling Out

Okay, time to get down to the ugly truth on the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe – they sure aren’t the cheapest models of stroller and car seat around. All told, we clocked in at just under $450 for both pieces, before taxes (that’s Canadian).

You can definitely find cheaper strollers, car seats or travel systems for that price, but the stroller was definitely something we wanted to invest money in. We plan to use it a lot, and when one parent is without a car, durability, ease-of-use and compact styling are definite musts.

For us, the B-Agile was a middle ground between getting what we want while still avoiding truly high-end stroller prices with bells and whistles we probably don’t need. I think we’re going to be very happy with it!

Anyone else have the B-Agile or the B-Safe? Or maybe you have something better or something stroller hunters should definitely avoid! Leave your stroller and car seat selection advice and experiences in the comments!

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