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Mom Diaries Product Review: JJ Cole Mode Diaper Bag

Posted by Alissa Robson

Is a product review really useful before the product has been officially tested? Probably not, but I couldn’t wait to write about my JJ Cole Mode diaper bag!

My name is Alissa Robson, and I am a total bag junkie. I switch my purse more than I should probably admit, and I’m always on a quest to find that “perfect bag”, that holds everything I cart around in a day and keeps everything at my fingertips. (The quest continues, by the way, I’m still not there yet).

But, it seems like my purse fetish may have to take a holiday, as I trade in my normal selection of bags for one fully-loaded, ready-to-go-at-all-times diaper bag.

I’ve had advice from some friends not to bother with an official diaper bag, just to find a large purse you really like and stuff it – but that’s not for me. If there’s a bag made for an occasion or with a specific purpose in mind, that always sounds good to me.

I also had a number of opinions from friends about diaper bag styles, which I took more to heart. Some said they loved the short strap, others the long, some said an outside bottle pocket is a must, others said they preferred everything tucked neatly inside and so on.

So many opinions, so little knowledge of my own! I figured the best cure was to just start looking. I headed to the local baby boutique where they carry numerous brands and styles of bags and indulged myself in scrutinizing and modeling for a good hour before making a choice.

And the winner is...

Now here’s why I picked it:

Strap Versatility

I am for the most part carless, so I’m often stuck toting things around a lot more than those with their own wheels. When that’s the case, you learn a lot about the necessity of good straps on a bag.

You can imagine how thrilling it was to learn that the Mode had not one but three strap options! It has a set of short, over-the-shoulder straps, a long, crossbody strap with an AMAZING padded shoulder rest and even a set of clips that allow you to attach the bag to the stroller’s handlebars so you don’t have to carry the darn thing at all. Wrap it up, I’m sold!

Pockets o’Plenty

Okay, so I didn’t stop at straps (even though I could have). The Mode also has a great variety of built-in pockets, including easily accessible ones on the front for my old purse items – cellphone, wallet, bus pass, etc.

Along with that, it’s got custom pockets for bottles, a changing mat (which was included), diapers and a few that I probably haven’t even figured out yet (fortunately, there’s a manual!).

Stylish Yet Mom-ish

Once I got through the practical components of choosing a diaper bag, I got to the fun part – designs! Though I would never judge anyone for their tastes, I am not a Winnie the Pooh or assorted Disney character mom.

My style is my own and I wanted a diaper bag that reflected that. I’m also not the type who plays well with others when it comes to style, so with the okay of my husband (who offered to fend for himself or just not to care when it was his turn to tote the bag), my diaper bag is girly.

But while style was a factor, I wanted to make sure I didn’t walk away with something that looked just like all my other purses from a style standpoint. After all, I will be a mom, I should be proud to carry something that looks like a diaper bag!

It was a difficult dilemma finding that balance between personal style and mom style, until my eyes fell upon this retro flower print – neutral grey so it should go with anything, but still bright and fun enough to stand out a bit and look a bit different than your average purse.

It’s even slightly masculine in its own way…or at least, is a lot less girly than most of the other styles I looked at.

Pack it Up!

Full disclosure, this bag was a bit of an investment at $80 (Canadian), but back to the advice from friends, I was told the diaper bag is one area you don’t want to compromise on. You’re going to use it all the time for a very long time, so you might as well love it!

I think I’m going to love the JJ Cole Mode bag – so much so, that I even bought the sold-separately mini tote – and can’t wait to load it up and give it a try. But first, all you moms out there, help me out. Umm…what all exactly do I need to get in there?

Leave me your diaper bag checklist in the comments!

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