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Mom in Subway Fight While Baby Stroller Rolls Out of the Train (WATCH!)

Posted by ashley

mom fights on subwayHard to figure out who's most in the wrong here: the mom who starts a cat fight over a subway seat, her opponent who won't let go of her hair even as her baby rolls out the door, or the bystander who films the whole thing for our entertainment!

A cellphone video is taking the Internet by storm today, in the "some people shouldn't be allowed to have children" department. If you watch the video closely, however, you'll see that this mom, while not exactly classy, is not as bad as some people are making her out to be. Contrary to many headlines, she DOES notice that her baby is rolling off the train, and IS upset about it.

Here's a play-by-play: The mom starts off seated, with her stroller in front of her, and some sort of conflict arises with the woman sitting next to her. The mother stands up, but continues to argue with and swear at the seated woman. The mother then sprays something at the woman, who immediately jumps up and throws a punch. The two begin brawling, just as the subway train pulls into the station, the doors open, and the stroller rolls right out onto the platform.

At this point, chaos breaks out, and between the poor cell phone footage and the people all shouting, it's hard to tell exactly what happens next. But if you listen carefully, you'll hear the mom screaming "my baby, my baby!" and if you look closely, you'll see that her opponent has her by the hair and won't let her go.

Fortunately, concerned fellow passengers step off the train to rescue the baby, while others eventually succeed in breaking up the fight. After the mother staggers off the train, however, the other woman quite clearly states that "the b**** maced me!"

Clearly, this mom is not up for any mother-of-the-year award, and macing someone over a subway seat in front of your infant is hardly model behavior. But she was not the only one on the train more interested in the fight than in the welfare of her baby. The moral of this story seems to be there's never a dull moment on the New York subway.

CAUTION: the video below is violent and contains explicit language. Use your own judgment about watching it.

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