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New Research on Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

Posted by Alissa Robson

Exciting new research is emerging for would-be moms who have suffered breast cancer – a new study presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Vienna, Austria has found that it is safe for women who’ve had the disease to carry a child.

The study was geared to women with estrogen-positive tumors, which accounts for about 60 percent of all breast cancers. In the past, it was believed that because these tumors feed on estrogen, the hormone fluctuations in pregnancy could actually stimulate growth, so getting pregnant could lead to a high risk of reoccurrence.

The belief was so strong that women who did get pregnant after suffering estrogen-positive breast cancer had in the past been advised to get an abortion.

The results of this new study might change that opinion, however. It was conducted on 333 women aged 21 to 48 who got pregnant after being diagnosed with breast cancer and 874 women who had breast cancer but did not get pregnant to act as a control group.

The group of women who did conceive were examined 5 years after their pregnancies, and were found to have the same rate of reoccurrence as the test group (measured over the same period).

As explained by Dr. Hatem Azim Jr, who participated in the study (and a prior study on the subject of pregnancy and breast cancer), “'Out of all the women, 57 per cent had ER+ disease, but the study showed there was no difference in the length of time women with either ER+ or ER negative (ER-) disease survived without their disease recurring compared with those who did not become pregnant.”

While this is only one study so far, and there is much more research to be done, in our opinion it is still a positive indicator for women who have coped with breast cancer who hope to someday carry babies.

What do you think of the results? Let us know your thoughts on breast cancer and pregnancy in the comments.

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