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Obesity Increases Risk of Miscarriage and Early Infant Death

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Weight is an issue many women struggle with all the time, but the battle to achieve or maintain a healthy wait may be even more important while pregnant.

A new study out of the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom has found that women who are obese during pregnancy have a significantly greater chance of having a miscarriage or losing their baby before the child reaches the age of one.

The study followed roughly 41,000 women who were each expecting one baby only (no multiple births were studied). It was found that moms who were obese during early pregnancy had double the chance of miscarrying or having their baby die in the first year of life, when compared to women who were of the recommended weight.

Despite the findings, the study’s lead researcher Ruth Bell is noting that, whether mothers are obese or not, death in utero or in early life is still uncommon. Most babies born to mothers who are overweight or of healthy weight are just fine. It was found that obese women had only eight more instances of fetal or infant death in every 1,000 births than women of healthy weight.

Still, obesity has also been linked to pregnancy issues like high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, which can seriously impact the health of both mother and child.

While mothers are not encouraged to attempt to lose weight during pregnancy (nutrition and healthy diet are more important than ever during this time), according to Ball, more support should be placed on helping women get to a healthy weight before or after pregnancy.

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