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One-Year-Old Unphased by Lioness! (VIDEO)

Posted by ashley

Thank goodness for protective glass! An inquisitive one-year-old is cool as a cucumber despite catching the interest of a large – and possibly hungry – lioness at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

Trent Higley was visiting the zoo with his parents when he fearlessly approached the glass in the lion area. As he got closer on his wobbly legs, lioness Angie seemed to sense that she could have an opportunity to catch herself a live dinner – that is of course, if she wasn’t blocked by thick exhibit glass.

“I'll assume that some kind of hunting instinct kicked in seeing such an obviously unsteady and easy meal,” Trent’s father Ryan Higley said in an interview. He managed to catch the whole scene on camera, as the lioness pawed at the glass and even looked as if she was attempting to bite the young toddler.

The advances of the lioness did little to phase Trent, who in the video seemed to be enjoying the experience, clapping his hands and clamouring to get a good look at Angie. According to his father, he loves the zoo and the lions are among his favourite animals to see.

Ryan’s video has been a big sensation online, and many commenters have chimed in to say they’ve had similar experiences with their child – no fear in situations that have parents on edge, even when there is no real danger.

Trent’s parents seem remarkably comfortable with the lion’s interest in their son, knowing of course that he was safe and sound behind the glass – but other parents have sounded off saying they wouldn’t be so quick to laughter if it was their child in the jaws of the lioness.

What do you think – funny and fine or just a bit too nerve-wracking? Check out the video below!

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