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Organic Baby Foods and Formula Contain High Levels of Arsenic

Posted by Alissa Robson

While in our minds we may equate the term “organic” with healthy food choices, even these products require further investigation – a new study out of Dartmouth University has shown that many organic foods may contain high levels of arsenic.

More specifically, the study points to foods containing the ingredient organic brown rice syrup, which is often used in place of high fructose corn syrup. Several infant formulas and organic cereal bars made the list, as they were found to contain nearly three times the levels of inorganic arsenic allowed in drinking water under EPA guidelines.

According to the study’s lead author Brian Jackson, the arsenic in the cereal bars and energy drinks may not be a big issue, citing that the consumption was based on lifetime exposure and the only comparison they had was to water.

But the infant formula could be another story. “It’s probably not a good thing for an infant to be exposed to those levels of arsenic,” Jackson said. “We don’t know the effects of long-term exposure.” He explains that the arsenic levels in water that were used as comparison were based on adult consumption, not babies, and that babies could be relying on formula as their only nutrition source.

No specific brands of products have been listed in the study, but the full report can be read on the Environmental Health Perspectives website.

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