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Pennsylvania Abortion Doctor Convicted

Posted by Alissa Robson

It sounds like something out of a horror movie. Pennsylvania doctor Kermit Gosnell, 72, has been convicted of first-degree murder after killing three babies who were born alive.

Former employees of Gosnell’s practice testified that the doctor had performed illegal abortions (in the state of Pennsylvania that’s past the 24-week mark), adding the gruesome details that the doctor would deliver the babies alive and breathing and then cut their spines.

The doctor has been sentenced to two life sentences with no possibility of parole.

Meanwhile, this awful story has raised discussion on the abortion issue in the US. Abortion supporters used the case to illustrate the seriousness of abortion, and are hoping it will sway more states to adopt abortion laws that state the procedure cannot be performed once a baby can feel pain.

Abortion supporters feel the case shows the desperation of many pregnant women, and feel it should bolster abortion laws and help remove the stigma around the procedure.

Whatever your opinions on the abortion issue, we can likely all agree that the actions of Dr. Gosnell are horrific. We hope that it does shed light on this complex issue and can help lead to more support for women in need.

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