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Pregnancy Videos: Educational and Peculiar

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Ann Douglas, author of the Mother of all Baby Columns and the Mother of all Baby Books has been really busy chasing down some of the very best pregnancy related videos just for you. She covers some of the very best that the internet has to offer. Feel free to scope them all out or just check out the ones we have cherry picked here for you:

How these men in the UK reacted when they found out their partner was prego: Excellent little glimpse into the male psyche.

Pregnancy News Reactions from the Family: Some of these reactions are ridiculously over the top...but hey, it's always nice to see that kind of overwhelming joy!

A Natural Water Birth: Keep in mind that while this is highly edited, it does still show some nudity and her painful process. Absolutely beautiful.

Lucy's Timelapse; This video show the mum's body changing over the course of nine months.

Shaytard Has a Baby; Ignoring the fact that this family likes to refer to themselves as the "'tards", which is fairly offensive, this is a young family, about to have their fourth child and they are pretty honest and open about what is going on. I think this one could be filed under educational!

The one thing I took away from all of these videos? It is really important to practice, practice, practice how you want to be on video. The majority of the people who came off looking like complete loogans were the ones who were surprised and unprepared. If you don't want to cringe every time you watch your video? try to log some camera time before the big event.

Happy watching.


ps. Oh and a final note, make sure you are very explicit on what you do and DON'T want appearing on film. That means you should state in complete clarity that you do or do not want to see your hoo ha on the family video.

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