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Product Recalls: Week of April 4, 2011

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada have released a number of product recalls this week. Details below:

Troy Activity Truck

The Troy Activity Truck by Infantino is a motorized plastic truck with stars, circles and other plastic shapes that slide along flexible tubes on the sides. After 25 incidents were report of various parts on the truck were detaching, the product was deemed a choking hazard and was recalled on April 4. No injuries have been reported, but parents are urged to take the toy away immediately.

Roughly 1,900 of the trucks were sold in Canada and 47,500 in the US. For full details on this recall and next steps, visit the US CPSC website or the Health Canada Website.

Infant Bed-Side Co-Sleeper Beds

Arm’s Reach Infant Bed-Side Sleepers are crib-like units with a raised mattress. It was found that if a fabric liner that comes with the unit is not attached properly or is not used at all, infants can fall into the bottom of the bed-side sleeper or may become trapped between the side of the sleeper and the mattress’ edge, which could lead to suffocation. Parents are urged to stop using this product immediately.

Roughly 76,000 of these units have been sold. For full details on the recall, including affected model numbers and next actions for parents, visit the US CPSC website.

Pampers Natural Stages Pacifiers

Pampers Natural Stages Infant Ortho and Bulb Pacifiers, imported by Key Baby, are made from silicone, and are available in pink, yellow and blue, two to a package. The Stage 1 Pacifiers are being recalled because they did not meet federal safety standards and may pose a choking hazard. Parents are asked to take the pacifiers away immediately.

Roughly 29,000 pacifiers were sold across the US. For full details on this recall and for reimbursement, visit the US CPSC website.

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