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Push Presents – Weigh In on This New Trend

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Let’s face it, women – being the ones who go through childbirth is tough. And hey, who doesn’t like to be recognized for their work now and then? But are “push presents,” the latest trend in gift-giving, deserving of entering mainstream culture?

“Push presents” is the term used to describe a generous present given to a mother by her spouse or partner after she gives birth. (It’s also known as a “baby bauble,” in case you’ve heard that term, as well).

Push presents are being classified in the same category as Valentine’s Day – a superfluous, consumer-oriented sentiment designed to exploit on one of life’s many milestones. And it’s true, do a search on the “top push presents for new moms” and you’ll likely find an extravagant list, that includes diamond necklaces and other sparkly baubles that would test the bank account of the average family – especially those celebrating a new addition.

But despite the over-the-top recommendations, is a “push present” a bad idea in general?

Some might argue that the child itself is the gift, to both parents, and that the focus after birth should be on the new baby, and not on choosing the perfect gift for mom.

But for others, the gift can be the perfect way to celebrate the momentous event. Many push presents (the jewelry variety) are customized with a baby’s birthstone or, if the name is known in advance, a monogram. Others are designed to help make mom’s life easier, such as a new appliance, vehicle or even a phone.

Already, push presents have stirred up controversy for couples and expectant parents – tell us: are baby baubles a valid celebratory purchase or just another marketing gimmick?

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